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Our Women’s Ministries challenges women to become both SALT & LIGHT in their communities, neighbourhoods and families. Our SALT gatherings take different forms throughout the year to encourage spiritual formation through both Bible Studies and mentoring.  Our women often participate in areas of intentional service (making bracelets as a fundraiser for Mercy Canada, participating in our OTHERS – Trade for HOPE initiative and making meals for those in transition phases of life like the arrival of a new baby, a family member’s hospitalization or bereavement).  Our LIGHT gatherings are typically to connect women over a social activity in our community as a way to have fun and invite others to join in our fellowship.  Some favourites this year were our Annual Ice Cream Crawl in Fort Langley, Sign-making workshop, Bouquet-making workshop in Yarrow and an East Coast inspired potluck followed by a performance of the Anne of Green Gables play at Trinity Western University.